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[14 Mar 2006|05:58pm]

I haven't posted here before yet right? Gomen nasai^^;.

Made a new sig set, hope they look ok.^^;

[Mood: discouraged]
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Some stuff... [26 Feb 2006|06:12pm]

[ mood | don't really know... ]

Because we have not many posts...*why guys, why* I made some stuff!

Nah Ok... because there are not many Scary-Syao pics I only done a few...really only a few...^^
I'm not really good in making such stuff...but hope some will like it!^^
I also plan to do a fanart with Scary-Syao...be aware! XDD





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Hello guys [21 Feb 2006|06:34pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

So here I am^^
I'm a lively girl from germany and like TRC and xxxHolic as well, but also D.N. Angel! That is important for you to know, because I'm totally obsessed by it.
I'll try my best to write my entries in understandable english for you all (because mine is not the best -.-)
Maybe I write also some in german...dunno...only if I become desperate by trying to write in good english XD
I promise to help yuki-desu, if someone needs a translation of anything. Don't be afraid to ask me as well!
Yes, I like Dark-Syaoran. He's pretty cool and scary^^
I like the bad guys XD (especially Krad)

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Yeah my first community! [20 Feb 2006|08:39pm]

[ mood | curious ]

So here we are! XD
This is my first community and I made it for a special Syaoran-kun!
Scary-Syaoran!!! (known out of chapter 104&105)

First I want to say sorry because I'm german and my english is really really not the best! (you do what you can, right)
Also this community is bilangual, I mean because I'm german I have many german friends but also some english ones and I want to invite everyone who love Scary-Syaoran to this community!
So maybe there are some writings which are in german!
But I really hope that there will be more who write in english so that everyone can read it!
If there are any questions because of a writing (german or english) and you want to know what the person wrote, please ask me and I'll do my best to translate it for you, ok?

But PLEASEEEEE don't hestitate to write down your feelings and thoughts about Syaoran's Dark Feather even if you are not quite sure if somebody understands you! My friend Zephyr-chan and I will definitely understand you and speak with you! That's a promise!!!

I hope there will be many thoughts write down here about our lovely Dark-Syaoran!
Please write as much as you like (can)!!!

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